Changing your lifestyle is the key word for type 2 diabetes

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Adjust your lifestyle is the main role to prevent Type 2 Diabetes and to control it especially within the early stage. The early common symptoms are increased hunger (Polyphagia), increased thirst (Polydipsia), Frequent urination (Polyuria) and Unexplained weight loss.

Type 2 Diabetes is characterized by insulin resistance, relative lack of insulin and high blood sugar. The main role of Insulin is to promote the absorption of Carbohydrates especially Glucose from the blood into other tissues.

So, it regulates your metabolism through your daily activity. Lack of Exercise causes 7% of the cases and Excess body fat associated with 60-80% of the cases.

A very low-Calorie diet with adequate daily exercise will help you to regulate your metabolism and that will be helping the remission of the condition and increase the insulin sensitivity.

Body Mass index greater than 25 will be one of the lifestyle factors that causes Type 2 Diabetes.

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