Fidelity Life with their first two months’ premiums for free

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Fidelity Life are celebrating being New Zealand’s Life Insurance Company of the Year for the second year running.

New customers are rewarded for signing up with Fidelity Life with their first two months’ premiums for free.

  • Given this success they have extended the campaign by a further two months to end on 30 June 2019.
  • For new Platinum Plus, Platinum Plus Level or Mortgage Protector policy applications submitted up until 30 June 2019, Fidelity Life will pay the first two months’ premiums for eligible customers
  • At least one life insured must have life cover on the policy issued for a total sum insured of $500,000 or more
  • Premiums must be paid on a monthly basis

The application must be underwritten, and the policy issued within six months of Fidelity Life receiving the application.

Why take out life insurance? Because if the worst happens, you want to trust that you or your family will have the resources to deal with it. Fidelity Life take care of that for you. They make sure customers get the proper guidance through tough situations and getting insurance claims paid. When a claim is lodged, it is usually after a major traumatic event, and adding to that burden is the last thing a person would need.

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