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The United States is considered to be the best country in the world's medical centers, and the top hospitals in the United States have world-class technologies, equipment, and talents. Followed by Australia, with dozens of world-class medical centers.

As the origin of the world's most advanced medical technology, the United States can be said to be the first choice for the treatment of major diseases in many countries. Because the United States has the world's most advanced medical technology, good care, comfortable treatment environment and medical technology professional doctor experts.

After all, the cost of overseas medical care is not a low threshold. In addition to seeking medicine, they also value a more personalized overall treatment plan. Not only do they seek for faster recovery, but they also seek higher demands for modern medical services such as respect, privacy and psychological feelings.

After you purchased health insurance, if a New Zealand registered specialist recommends treatment within six months, but you wish to receive treatment overseas, you can apply for overseas medical treatment from an insurance company. After the application is approved, the insurance company can provide up to 75% of the expense reimbursement (according to the actual treatment costs in New Zealand), including your own treatment costs and the transportation and accommodation costs of an escort. Give you good financial support while getting better and faster treatment.

In the market, there are several New Zealand health insurance companies that can provide customers to go overseas for treatment.

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