Is free kids trauma benefit available for kids living overseas?

SP Insurance

When a parent who is residing in New Zealand and is eligible for public health system takes out the trauma insurance, children can get free-kids trauma benefit. It allows each child to enjoy up to $50,000 trauma cover if the child is diagnosed with the covered conditions. 

This benefit is an built-in benefit, that means, it's a free cover and parents don't pay for it. Importantly, the claim of this free cover will not reduce the total amount of parents' cover. 

What about children who are living outside of New Zealand? Can they still get this build-in free cover?

The answer is YES. As long as the parents is living in New Zealand when they take out the trauma cover, children can enjoy the free benefit no matter where they live in the world. However, there are certain benefits children not residing in New Zealand are not eligible for, such as Return to Home benefit.

 Importantly, a 14 day survival period applies to free kids trauma beneift and there are exclusions apply for any congenital or pre-existing conditions.

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