Mortgage and Income Insurance Cover

SP Insurance

Mortgage and Income Insurance will protect your Mortgage and Income by providing a regular monthly payment in case of you are unable to make mortgage payments, due to you have an illness or becoming totally disabled and unable to work. You can choose regular mortgage payment option or up to 45% of your gross income. That will protect your family and will let you have the time to focus on your recovery.

Some built-In benefits provided which you really to need to know and it might help you one day.
  • Partial disability Benefit,
  • Bed Confinement Benefit,
  • Financial and Legal Advice Benefit,
  • Terminal illness Benefit.

So, if something wrong happen call your adviser as soon as possible and ask for their advice regarding your situation.

Other Optional to Add Benefits as Specific Injury Benefit will provide more cover in case of you suffer from one of listed specific injuries such as Fracture of Jaw. You will receive an agreed payment whether you are working or not.

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