Why is pre-existing condition necessary to declare?

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When applying for insurance, whether it is life, health, serious illness or travel insurance, you will be asked some health questions that the insurance company will use to determine the insured's medical history and severity.

Definition of Pre-existing Conditions

The medical history is the medical or physical condition known to the insured before applying for insurance. The medical history affects the insured's premiums and insurance terms, and hiding the existing medical history will affect the outcome of the claim. Therefore, before purchasing, you will need to check again and confirm that the information you filled in is correct and true.

Does it cover the medical history?

Different types of insurance products and different insurance companies will treat different medical history in different ways. Regardless of which insurance company, the medical history is likely to be excluded for health insurance, which means that if you have certain diseases before purchasing health insurance, even if you have been treated, the possibility that health insurance will not cover the disease is huge. Therefore, the sooner you purchase health insurance, and the better coverage you will get.

Some insurance companies' specific products will also determine whether they are insured or need to increase insurance premiums based on the severity of the insured's medical history and the history of the disease.

Do you need to explain history when purchasing insurance?

The answer is necessary. Although the medical history does bring exclusion clauses or increase insurance premiums to the insured, the immediate consequence of concealing the existing medical history is that the insurance company has the right to reject the claim.

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